Stay in Touch While On the Road

  1. Stay in Touch While On the Road, charter bus portland oregon

It was that if you were away from home for a very long time, you kept in touch by relying upon trusty snail mail along with an occasional telephone call that provides you an arm and a leg. Though many of us love the charm of handwritten letters, today’s technology has made it easy to check in with home base daily at no cost. If you’re going on holiday, these great programs will allow you to stay connected to the people that you care about as you’re gone.

Voxer. This program is (almost) like using an in-person conversation. (Think glorified walkie-talkie.)

Houseparty. Since more and more kids have apparatus, Houseparty is great for the entire family! Everyone can join in the dialogue and see one another’s faces at precisely the same moment.

Viber. If you are heading out of the country, this program helps you! Make the most of other messaging perks, sound calls, and video messaging too!

Marco Polo. Want a simple video messaging program? Try Marco Polo! It is super easy to send video messages to a single person or a group.

Skype and FaceTime. These classic staples are a wonderful way to stay in contact with people and almost everyone is comfortable with them.

Facebook Messenger. Video chat using Facebook Messenger!

Though it’s still magical to drop a postcard in the mail to allow someone you know you are thinking about these, these apps making saying hello practically instantaneous.

Hope you have a fantastic trip with our charter bus Portland Oregon!

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