Take A Taste Of “Keep Portland Weird”

The City of Portland has been called as the “City of Roses” as there are many rose gardens and the most notable is the International Rose Test Garden. The climate is conducive and ideal for roses growing. Going around the city one can visit several rose gardens with different colors and sizes of the blooms. A Portland charter bus could serve best for this particular purpose. Its summer is marked by a warm and dry while on winter days it’s wet and cool with occasional chilly and cold nights.

Portland offers a lot of outdoor activities for beer and coffee lovers. There are several microbreweries and wineries in the place, each with a unique taste to enjoy. As there are many microbreweries, there are as many brewpubs where to hang up all night and to enjoy craft beers and a bite of tender juicy ribs. Not just tasting beers, it could also include learning the history of each brew and the process of brewing. An Oregon charter bus offers a tour on selected microbreweries near and around Portland.

“Keep Portland Weird” an unofficial slogan and becoming a common name among Portland’s frequent visitors are true indeed. As there are a lot of independent microbreweries, micro-distilleries, micro wineries, food carts and coffee brewers in the town, it’s indeed that Portland becomes more popular than ever as an outdoor place to enjoy food and drinks. No other place like this can be found in any other US urban centers and mega cities.

Going around learning and enjoying the taste of Portland through Northwest Navigator’s Portland charter bus is affordable, comfortable and secured even at night. A dependable and courteous luxury bus drivers, everyone could enjoy the smooth and worry free ride. For a group visit in Portland, don’t forget to contact the Northwest Navigator. They will always be available for you at an affordable price.

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