Take A Weekend Trip And Have A Quality Time With Your Family

A Quality of life could be having a lot of quality time with your family. Today’s fast paced life consumed much of our time doing the monotonous works of going to work early and going home late at night. Take a break and have a quality time with your family. Rent a Portland bus charter and go somewhere else with your family and friends and enjoy the precious moment of bonding together. The Northwest Navigator, a popular bus charter and rental company has a fleet of modern and luxurious buses and motor coaches. The company can provide you with a rental rate that is very affordable and very competitive.

Going for a weekend trip outside the metropolis of Portland could be a good activity to unwind the stressful city life. Go for a picnic and camping on the beach along the Northwest Pacific coast. The place can offer a refreshing atmosphere of fresh air and serene environment that you can forget all the things you have to do in your office. You can focus enjoying the moment with your family on sightseeing along the way down to the coastline. Enjoy swimming and beach combing with your kids and maybe teach them on how to fly a kite along the coastline. Isn’t it a quality time spent in bonding with your family?

After awhile of enjoying the vast open sea and the evergreen rolling hills, treat your family with the tastiest Dungeness crabs, wild Salmon, clams and oyster, and other fresh sea bounty for a dinner. For sure everybody would remember that dinner for a long time. Make sure that all of these activities you have in the weekend will have some souvenir pictures to show off of having a quality for your family.

Don’t procrastinate; take an immediate action to have a precious moment with your family. Make an arrangement right now with the Northwest Navigator and go for spending a quality time with your kids.

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