The Beer Festivals In Portland

Looking Portland from the air, you can see a lot of green. Trees are abundant in Portland lining along the city streets, lacing throughout the urban residential centers and sprawling along the hills and mountains. Visiting Portland is not all about trees, there are several events held in Portland for the whole year round. From the airport, you can take the Northwest Navigator’s airport shuttle service directly to your hotel and you can take their Portland bus for a tour in downtown areas, or take a side trip to Bend with their bus from Portland to Bend and vice versa.

Have you heard about a Portland micro brewery and craft beers? There are several micro breweries in Portland making 69 craft beers and ales. Portland has several beer festivals, the famous of which are as follows:

Oregon Brewers Festival – it is held in Portland’s Waterfront Park, held on the last full weekend of every July. This four-day festival brings more than 70 crafted beers from micro breweries around the country.

Holiday Ale Fest – this five-day winter beer festival celebrated in every December and is held right under the Portland City’s holiday tree. It features more than 50 best seasonal suds and winter ales of the Pacific Northwest.

Portland International Beer Festival – There are more than 150 brews from 15 countries participating in every July for this international beer festival and held in a garden setting at the Pearl District’s North Park blocks. The festival draws a hundred of thousand foreign tourists every year.

North American Organic Brewers Festival – this is a unique beer festival in the US. It was organized in raising awareness among beer drinkers about the health benefits of organic beers. It is held every June with more than 50 organic beers coming from around the country. The festival is hosted by the scenic Overlook Park.

Going around in Portland, coincide your trip with any of the famous Portland beer festivals and experience the unique tastes of craft beers and ales.

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