The Benefits of Having a Mobile Meeting

It is often hard to get a group of people together to have a meeting, especially if the group is from different organizations. Often times, people turn to meetings through video conference or a conference call. But, these still do not have the personalized feeling of meeting face-to-face.

One option is to try a MotoMeeting. A MotoMeeting is a meeting on one of Northwest Navigators luxury coaches. You can have your meeting anywhere you like, even on the go, with all of the amenities of the office at your fingertips.

Need a PowerPoint and video for the meeting, it can all be done while riding down the street. The coaches have Wi-Fi as well, so no need to worry about having a connection to the internet. Each coach has a full PA system on board with microphones, so everyone at your meeting will be able to hear every key point clearly. AC power is also available for all of your devices and equipment.

If you need food and beverages, Northwest can provide them for you for a small fee. Not only are MotoMeeting’s convenient, they are also a great way to impress a potential client. The coaches luxury, state of the art feel will impress even the most hard to reach clients.

The coaches can accommodate from 10-54 passengers per meeting, so they can actually accommodate more than the average board room. Another great benefit of having a MotoMeeting is that you can visit several different destinations on the go. Perhaps you need to tour several facilities, and on the way stop for lunch at a gourmet eatery. These are options that are simply not available in a traditional meeting setting, not without typically separating your group into several different vehicles. The possibilities are limitless for what you and your organization can do with the benefits of having a MotoMeeting.

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