The Best Trip From Portland To Bend

The first time I travel to Portland is not for a vacation but for a treatment. However, it was also a family trip for all my families give their support during the treatment. Traveling from Portland to Bend is not stressful since the bus from Portland to Bend is very comfortable to ride, especially in my case since I am a little bit sensitive because of some illness. My family never gets wrong of selecting the best Portland bus going to our destination. In fact, there are many of us ride in this modern and stylish bus because some of our friends in Portland join us not only to support me for my treatment but also for a vacation to Bend and to amuse me during the travel. I know that this takes a lot of money but I never worry at all because all expenses are paid by my friends and family.

After the treatment and several weeks in the hospital, I feel relieved and decided to tour around Bend with them. In this place people are nice and friendly. The coffee shop, the quality of life, and dive bars are really enchanting and the best place to stay around. Actually, I love outdoors especially singing in the bar and dance to the beat of the music. However, I could not enjoy this right now because I had been in an operation but of course I can also enjoy touring around riding in this sleek Portland bus.

In Bend, you’ll experience lots of snow compared to Portland but the winter is also dreary like in Portland. You’ll never deal with rain here but only snow. I won’t forget this trip from Portland to bend since aside from my treatment and recovery, I had a great experienced riding in a fast growing bus company known as Northwest Navigator. The company has excellent bus drivers who could bring you safe to your destination.

When in Bend, don’t forget to ride in Portland charter bus!

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