The Cannon Beach, A Paradise Near Portland

Portlanders love to go to beaches every summer but most cannot afford to travel to the tropical paradise of the Caribbean or to the Asian paradise of beaches. For most Portlanders, the Cannon Beach is a paradise in their doorstep. Just 80 miles from the City of Portland and with a Portland charter bus it is about an hour ride.

Cannon Beach is a popular weekend getaway place among families living in Portland and nearby areas. It is a place that is recognized for its well known landmark, the Haystack Rock, an igneous rock that rises 72 meters from sea level and could be accessed at low tide only. It has a small cave system within the rock and could be seen from the beaches. The Rock is a marine sanctuary under the Oregon Island National Wildlife Refuge and its protected zone goes beyond 30 meters from the nearest rock. Any events are disallowed within that protected zone.

Cannon Beach is a small town along the coast of Oregon and was named so, for a girl and his father found a cannon believe to be from the Shark, a US Navy schooner that sinks in 1846. Its main economic activity is tourism; however, it wanted to preserve the reputation of a small town community that dissuades chain stores and fast food chains to put up their business in the place. Among the popular tourism events is the annual sandcastle building competition held in every June.

The City is too small that walking around the main street and on its beaches is very easy. Visitors usually do not bring their cars, but arriving by bus, mostly from Northwest Navigator, one of the most popular Oregon charter bus company. For booking and reservation in going to Cannon Beach, just visit their office on Columbia Boulevard in Portland Oregon.

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