The Importance of Willamette Valley In Oregon

The Northwest Navigator had received too many quotation requests for a Portland bus for a tour of the Willamette Valley Protected District. The region is famous for its organic vegetable seed production and its varied natural plant life. The tours were mostly for educational purposes from the middle school to postgraduate students with some gardening enthusiasts, hobbyists as well as professional gardeners regularly visiting the place to look for some variety of specialty vegetables.

One of the world’s most excellent vegetable seeds producing place is the Willamette Valley in Oregon with over 3 million of acres. This place is an important source of vegetable specialty seeds that are sold all over the United State and to some parts of the world. Its importance to the Oregon agricultural economy was highlighted by the passing of a bill, HB 2427 by the Oregon Senate that banning the commercial production of canola in the Willamette Valley Protected District until 2019. This is a strong statement from the legislature in protecting the Oregon’s valuable specialty seed agro-industry and establishing a new safeguard ensuring that the specialty seed and organic farms will not be unduly harmed by the unknown controversial effect of genetically engineered canola to other specialty seed species in particular and to the region’s natural flora in general. In addition, the state legislature authorizes the funding for three years research on the risks associated with genetically engineered canola to be conducted by the Oregon State University.

The Willamette Valley is also important in the tourism industry of Oregon. An Oregon charter bus service is one of the most stable sectors of Oregon’s tourism industry and the Northwest Navigator is the leading tour servicing company based in Portland and has a satellite office in Bend. For making a choice, choose the Northwest Navigator for its known excellent services in providing comfortable, luxurious and safe transportation in the Northwest Pacific areas.

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