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One of those privileges we get to enjoy as a charter transportation provider is the opportunity to work with church groups. Sometimes a lot of childhood are currently moving from one place to another within a service undertaking. We take good care of this transport to get an activity. And, occasionally, we get the boon of benefiting from the energy and joy that comes out of a church choir group to wherever they have to be because we get them.

Music plays such a vital part in meaningful worship, and as a consequence of this, many faith traditions find a way to incorporate it into their services. And although this music takes on different fashions — the singing and dancing, for example, or spirituals that may accompany all them are precious and unique .

One of the most iconic church choirs from the United States is that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, whose home base is in Salt Lake City, Utah. The choir is made up of 360 volunteer singers. They are perhaps most famous due to their morning broadcasts of Music and the Spoken Word. This air is a combination of thoughtful words and songs, aimed to offer ideas and provide healing and peace.
Transferring a choir that size, as you might imagine, is no small accomplishment. In 2015, when they went on what has been known as “the fantasy tour,” moving the choir, orchestra, managers, and volunteers involved 3 planes, 11 buses and 6 trucks.

With this tour, the choir performed in iconic places. They sang the national anthem in Yankee Stadium, and joined the ranks of other musicians by getting 7 standing ovations and singing two nights in Carnegie Hall. And while it may seem happily ironic, they performed at Woodstock, the place of the famous 1969 music festival about peace and love in which big name artists of the day performed such as Grateful Dead, Credence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix. And they got a taste of the weather when they were there as the others did in 1969: rain. In West Point, they conducted on the 4th of July to celebrate our nation’s freedom.

And, for a arbitrary detail? One may wonder how they possibly keep the dresses which belong to every woman in the choir so they’re easy to find while on 28, organized. They do so. They organize them, and tie that ribbon to each article of clothing that is theirs. They track down the compartment number that their stuff belongs in, and then search to seek out their clothing, whenever someone is looking to their dress. Voila!

While it entails a great deal of work to make travel possible, the real joy for the ones that sing in this choir is sharing the strength and beauty that is found in the music itself. As Katie Bastian, a choir member said: “What brings us together is the music and what we know. Our music can convey matters which you can not share any other manner, and whether you are singing it or playing with it or listening to it, it is difficult not to feel that the power of it.”

That is the beauty of music, and getting to transfer church groups (or their choir!) Is always something we enjoy. So. . .if you are responsible for arranging the transport to your congregation’s upcoming activity, or if you’d like to learn pricing for a choir tour, service activity, or charity event, call us now!

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