Touring Oregon By Luxury Charter Bus

A group of foodie friends of mine decided that we needed to tour Oregon wine country together. We started planning our trip around four months before we would actually be embarking on this journey together. We have been eating together regularly once or twice a month for about a year now, so it seemed like a proper time to expand our horizons from just the city of Portland. Portland has some incredible food, and some of the people in our foodie club are excellent chefs.

However, we were just ready to see what was outside of the city limits. It is always good to go on a road trip with friends who share a common interest, so I was very excited about this. With twenty-eight people planning to go on the tour with us, I went in search of the very best luxury coach I could find. When I discovered Northwest Navigator, I was so relieved.

The minute the customer service agent answered the phone, I knew that I had found the right company. His name was Andrew, and he was so patient and kind in answering all of my questions about capacity, price, options, and just how luxurious “luxury” meant. Not only was he helpful, but everything he told me was true. Andrew promised that we would have a luxury coach that would accommodate all of us without any problem. He said we would find the seating spacious and comfortable.

We would be able to stretch out and relax on longer parts of the trip. He said that the bus would have no problems with shaking us like popcorn in a bag because the ride would be very smooth thanks to the excellent shocks in the vehicle. Andrew also promised that the driver would be friendly and patient if we needed to make stops to stretch our legs. All of this was true. We just got back from our tour of Oregon Wine Country, and we all had a wonderful time thanks to Northwest Navigator.

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