Where To Find Real Food

Are our kids eating the right and healthy food every day? I guess not, this is a proper time for our kids to learn and change their eating habits and protects them from sickness due to eating unhealthy foods. Manufacturing brought to our table processed foods and we are living this way for our convenience without minding if it is really a real food to eat.

How could we change this eating attitude? It’s hard, isn’t it? But, if we don’t try, we could not make the changes we ought to start today for the benefit of our kids’ health. Well, you could start bringing your kids in a farmers market in Portland and make it a habit of going there every weekend together with your kids instead of going to the mall. Make it a habit of buying real foods in the farmers market and let your kids do the same, sooner or later; they will appreciate eating real foods. Always take a bus and have them enjoy it. Walking from the bus stop to the farmers market will be a good exercise for you and your kids.

It will be a good start to take your kids for a bus from Portland to Bend going to a farmers market. A long trip to Bend with the Northwest Navigator will offer a scenic view of Oregon’s vast farmland to your kids. It could attract their interest on how the real healthy foods are produced by farmers. They would love to talk about farming and try to talk with them the benefits of organically grown foods in comparison with factory processed food.

Out of this wholesome trip experience to Bend, teach your kids how to grow tomato in your backyard using the seeds you bought in a farmers market. They will appreciate how those tomatoes grow, bloom, develop its fruit, ripen and make a fresh vegetable salad out of it.

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