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When you speak about basketball greats, Michael Jordan was maybe the best of time. Anyone that has seen what he can do with a basketball can’t help but be in awe of his ability and skill. But it wasn’t something that just occurred. While he is undoubtedly a sports legend, he did not get that reputation by coming out and playing an ordinary game of basketball.

When you find out about a individual, you have the opportunity to learn what philosophies they adopt, and Michael is no exception. While you can glean many life lessons out of his story, we have chosen to concentrate on four.

First, concentrate on the love of the game. When he was asked what advice he would give to parents who had kids playing basketball, he responded by just saying, “Let them only enjoy the game.” If your kid has a love of the sport, that will fuel their desire to continue playing. As they play often, they will learn and improve. Allowing them to follow the things they are passionate about is a natural way for them to progress and be better because they pursue what they like.

Secondly, learn in the setbacks. He did not become Michael Jordan without putting in the opportunity to hone his abilities. In fact, he tried out for the varsity basketball team as a sophomore in high school and did not make it. He was devastated, but received sage advice from his mom: “Use that energy to prove to your coach and to your peers and your classmates they made a mistake.” And that he did. Later on, Phil Jackson, who coached Jordan for several seasons, talked about Michael’s dedication to rising from the face of challenges. He spoke about how Jordan wasn’t a terrific offensive shot in the start of his profession, and that his defense was not the strongest facet of his game, either. But that did not get Michael down. Instead, Jordan recognized his flaws and decided that he’d make them his powerful points. And that is precisely what he did.

Third, be a favorable influence. Among the touching moments in the documentary “Michael Jordan to the Max” is if he talks about his father. He stated, “Sometimes [in a match] I’ll see a dad and son, and sometimes I wonder if they know just how much I’d love to be them.” His dad was a powerful role model for him, a dominant figure in his life. When his dad died, Jordan stated he viewed it as a boon. He reflected, “I was fortunate that he had been there when I needed him, he would impact my life to check at situations that I utilize to make my conclusions to this day. Some kids never have that. Sure, I would love to have him now, but people are put on this earth for a reason, and you also use the time that you’re here. You will never know when that is gont be taken away from you; that’s 1 thing that he taught me. But while they are here, they ought to make an impact on someone’s life, and he made an effect on my life”

And lastly, work hard. When he had been operating on his baseball career (that was fairly short-lived), Sports Illustrated stated he had been an embarrassment to the game. But he worked hard in the game. He had been the first to arrive every morning, and the last to depart at night, dedicated to improving his talent. Along with that drive, endurance and focus are traits that define him.

Those people who are raising kids would like to instill these qualities to our childhood, whether or not they play in a professional league. Youth athletics are a wonderful way that children can learn these same classes: love the sport, learn in the reverses, be an influence for good, and work hard. And then? Well, let everything else fall into place.

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(The information in this article came in the documentary movie “Michael Jordan to the Max.”)

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