Ya Wanna Super Size That?

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When Super Size Me premiered at the Sundance Film Festival In 2004, it was thought to be a comment on the fast food industry and obesity at large. Morgan Spurlock wondered about the impact of fast food on the body, and chose to undergo an experiment. If he ate at McDonald what would happen? Would it truly impact his general wellness that much? How much damage could that sort of food actually cause?

A whole lot, as it ends up.

The experiment had some contingencies he was only allowed to “super size” his meal when asked if he’d like to; he could only eat food that was on the menu in McD’s, such as water; he needed to try out every item on the menu at least once; also, he couldn’t skip a meal. He needed to eat there for 3 meals, every day…for 30 days.

He seen professionals: a before starting the experiment cardiologist, a dietician, a general MD, gastroenterologist, and an exercise physiologist. They could assess his health in the beginning and set a baseline, and then track what changes (if any) happened throughout the coming month. At the outset, all professionals agreed he was in good health: he worked out regularly, his blood tests were good, and fitness levels and his intensity were above average.

Not for long term.

Within the first week, he gained 9 pounds, which number was up to he neared fourteen days of being on the diet. But following 30 days from McD’s of meals? He’d obtained a 25 in addition to discovering that the food appeared to be affecting his mood! Pounds. (Incidentally, it took him over a year to eliminate the weight he had gained in just one month.)

Aside from driving home the processed food is not great for your body, Spurlock’s documentary encouraged the viewer to think about other facets of how we, as Americans, interact with what we eat.

Have a look at food promotion for example, in the United States. Starting from when children are very young, they are continuously exposed to advertising that makes unhealthy food look attractive: sugar cereals, cookies, candy, chips, etc.. So…what do they want to do when they go to the grocery store with Mother and see the familiar label on the shelf at the aisle? That’s right…they need those yummy cookies that looked so delicious on TV!

What about fast food joints that are a lure for children and kids alike because of the play areas they’ve built for kids? The younger people will have something to do while the adults see, if parents move there with kids. Win-win, right? Perhaps, until you consider the nutritional content (or lack thereof) in the food you just purchased.

And it is not just the food. Soda is another way many Of us are compromising our health. Sure, it may taste great when it is ice cold and fizzy, but you might change your mind should you learn what’s actually in the material. (And let’s not even begin on the amount of sugar that is in them. Require 7-11’s double gulp, by way of example, packing a whopping 48 teaspoons of sugar in one (big!) Cup.)

And this film may be a bit on the top. After all, most people are not eating McDonald’s meals daily for each meal. However, it does make you wonder what is happening to overall health in America and what’s changed so much to create the current health problems we are facing.

There could be several plausible answers to that question.

As it was time to eat A few decades ago, it was normal to prepare the family meal. Nowadays, lots of folks do not cook (or even know how to!) , and that skill isn’t being passed to the next generation.

With food vulnerability and less cooking, adolescents, children, and adults alike aren’t currently getting the wide range of fruits and veggies they require. Rather, plenty of individuals opt for unhealthy “filler” snacks instead of something new.

Food is everywhere! Now our cities are FULL of fast food joints — with a variety of cuisine choices, too, where people had been hit up the diner in the city when they desired to eat . It’s available just about everywhere you turn.

We take less time to really sit down and enjoy a meal because life is busy and fast-paced. Busy people want something they eat and can catch on the run.

Processed foods are full of addictive (read: dangerous) additives which keep you coming back for more, although what they are putting on your body is super bad news.

And as they had to people do not exercise and go around. A lot of the jobs involve being behind a computer screen, sitting in a desk, not moving around. People are not as active as they used to be, and it’s impacting our health.

Such facts are dismal, and it is one of the reasons we Love to promote food that is good. You may be laughing at this point, asking how a motorcoach company could maybe be from the food business. Well, let’s tell you. Tours are offered by us! We believe these are a terrific way to get exposed to local, authentic tastes, and learn how to prepare dishes from scratch (which is obviously better for you!) , and have the joy of quitting to savor a meal with people which you love (rather than eating on the run). Food should be about subsisting; it ought to be something that feeds the spirit. Instead of just dumping additives and sugars in our bodies, you can eat actual food using actual ingredients, and we all know you will taste the difference! So, if you’d like to step away from today’s fast food epidemic and get back to some food basics, call us to schedule a culinary tour now!

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