Part-Time or On-Call Motorcoach Operator

Just ask us about our exceptional compensation plan, when you apply! We are also paying a significant retention bonus!!!

NW Navigator Luxury Coaches, LLC is looking for outstanding Motorcoach Operators to transport clients from our Portland operation by luxury motorcoach and shuttle services within the Portland Metro and throughout 11 western states and Canada. These positions offer interesting travel destinations, requiring safe driving and a pleasant, professional customer service attitude. Our 13+ years of continuous growth speaks for itself!

HOURS: Part-time, on-call, whatever of our shifts you are available to work.

Pay: As a driver, your base hourly pay rate increases, the more days you work (yes, even partial days).


  • Valid Commercial Driver License, Class B or higher with passenger endorsement and current medical card required
  • Have a gift for gab and love engaging people from all over the world in conversation. You once dreamed of driving the tour bus along the route of the Hollywood Star’s Homes Tour but now you are thinking MUCH bigger than that!
  • You’ve done a pretty great job of actively avoiding fender benders and constantly frustrate highway patrol because you always obey the speed limits.
  • Getting luggage weighing 45-75 pounds in and out from the compartment under the motorcoach is no problem for you, salsa dancing up and down steep staircases and through narrow motorcoach aisles is a piece-of-cake, yet you are also perfectly at home just sitting for hours on end behind the wheel of the coolest large commercial passenger vehicle you’ve eve driven (in your life).
  • 2 years of experience driving large commercial vehicles, such as Over-the-Road (OTR) trucks, motorcoaches or school buses or having captained a NASA rocket or Space Shuttle is part of your credentials. We’d be thrilled with any of these scenarios!
  • Pass post offer, pre-employment drug screen, including for MARIJUANA (random as required)
  • Pass post offer, pre-employment criminal background check
  • Strong professional attitude; Clean and tidy
  • Comply with all Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and company rules and regulations because you consider yourself a law-abiding-citizen
  • Team player; Very careful with equipment and patient with clients. This isn’t WWE Smack Down or bumper cars, after all!


  • The HIGHEST paid motorcoach wages in Oregon plus gratuities!
  • Exceptionally great tips!
  • Retirement plan
  • Per diems
  • Cell phone allowance
  • We provide professional uniforms
  • Paid sick time
  • Accident-free bonus of $500
  • On-going professional training and development