Extreme Triple Clean Commitment

Ride Smart

Onboard air quality is optimized as follows:

Cabin air completely exchanged with fresh, outside air approximately every 10 minutes
Our motorcoaches do up to 100 Air Changes per hour inside the coach with outside air {vs an airplane which is 35 max, and a hospital room 15 max} The more exchanges, the safer the air
The HVAC system filters all recirculated air with anti-microbial MERV 8 filter media, removing respiratory droplets and killing pathogens on contact

We help everyone stay safely distanced:

Physically distanced seating options 
Your professional operator is trained in physical distancing protocols and will practice these techniques throughout your travel experience

Ride Safe

 We consistently comply with guidance as provided by our industry associations, as well as the CDC, WHO and local governments
Our drivers, technicians and staff have been trained in best practices, including those related to baggage handling and passenger loading, unloading and seating
 Our additional investments in intensified cleaning and protection help ensure a sanitary environment

Hand sanitizers provided on board
Passengers are encouraged to wear a face covering; it’s required for our drivers
Maintain physical distancing as you enter and exit the coach
✓ PLEASE do not travel if you’re sick – we can always help you another time

Ride with Confidence

Every motor coach is thoroughly cleaned and then disinfected before and after each use as follows:

 Removal of all dirt and debris, flooring mopped
 Special focus on disinfecting high touch points such as entrance area handrails, parcel rack handrails and door latches, and window release bars, plus

  • Passenger seat headrests, armrests, seat belts and seat accessories
  • All surfaces in the restroom, including door handles
  • All surfaces within the driver’s area

 Daily whole-coach disinfecting using electrostatic fogging technologies, 100% biodegradable surfactant Sanitizes Hard and Soft surfaces for maximum effectiveness, eliminates SARS-CoV (COVID-19) and is EPA registered; leaves HVAC systems and air ducts free of microbial contamination, ensuring air quality
 Products are green and do not release harmful chemicals into the earth, air or ozone.
 Entire vehicle interior coated with Anti-Microbial surface protectant which will not allow the virus to live on any of the surfaces on the coach for 90 plus days
✓ Utilization of AllClir, a pH-activated compound that is printed on cardboard-like coasters and stickers to show passengers the motorcoach has been thoroughly disinfected

Ride Protected

Antimicrobial Surface Protectant – Disinfects and protects with advanced antimicrobials that have a long, proven history of success.
 Continuously self-cleans and protects the applied surface.
 Creates an invisible shield that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, strains of viruses and other microbes.
 Mildew and odor protector
 Protection for indoor and outdoor use
 Long lasting surface life of 3+ months
 Some surfaces with low physical wear will remain permanent
 Effective on all surfaces; Porous, non-porous, glass, electronics, fabric and upholstery
 Green; products do not release harmful chemicals into the earth, air or
Odorless, colorless, invisible and long lasting.