At NorthWest Navigator, earning the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Board’s top safety rating isn’t just something, it’s everything.  As with every aspect of our operations, we go “all in” on safety.

Bus maintenance- TCS Bus


We development and execute a rigorous preventative maintenance program, daily vehicle cleaning and disinfection, extensive on-going driver training, and seat belts in every vehicle. This means your group can travel with us knowing we’ve done everything possible to ensure a safe, enjoyable trip.

charter bus operators


NorthWest Navigator captains are career operator who are passionate about their jobs. All Operators take part in a detailed driver training and certification programs that, fosters a team that is truly focused on safe travel.

oregon trusted carrier


Extensive pre-trip inspections, thorough pre-trip planning, and the use of industry leading best practices reduce our risk of on-road mishaps, keeping our important cargo, our customers, safe and sound. Our approach seeks to manage all variable under our control.

temperature checks and mask wearing


Our multi-step, layered approach to safeguard travelers and our team members involves painstaking elements Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Protection. Learn more.

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“We have used NorthWest Navigator exclusively for over a year — great equipment, safety oriented, good maintenance, reliability plus, professionally dressed and mannered. You can’t go wrong with NorthWest Navigator and we highly recommend them for both tours and charters.”

Cynthia & Carrie

Columbia Crossroads Tours, Inc.

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